Starting your own family? If you are a female same sex couple you need to read this!


If you are a female same sex couple intending to conceive you will probably be asking some of these questions:

  • We know we want to have a baby - what should the first step be?
  • As a female same sex couple how do we know we have all the information we need to make the best decisions about every aspect of having a baby?
  • How can we learn about the specific risks of treatments, sperm donors and legal positions, including hidden pitfalls, that only experienced professionals can share?
  • How do we find out what our personal NHS entitlements might be?
  • We have begun fertility treatment but we're unsure about the choices we are being given - what should we do?
  • How can we ensure we're not making rash decisions which we might regret later in our excitement to have a baby?


The Blooming Parents Ultimate Guide to Starting a Family for female same sex couples in the UK answers all of your questions and more, giving you the specific information you need to ensure that you are making the right decisions for you. It is not, of course, a substitute for professional one-on-one advice if it's required, but the guide will tell you if, when and why personal advice is needed and where it's best to get it from.

There are resources available online that provide a basic overview of some of these subjects covered, however - there is nothing else that goes into the level of detail you really need on all of the important decisions you will have to make.

The Ultimate Guide is independent, meaning that objective consideration is given to all the options, not just the ones offered by particular services. This is very important to bear in mind if you are looking at information produced by certain services - they probably won't include all the information you need to make a wholly informed decision.

I created the Ultimate Guide because my partner and I were missing this information throughout our own conception journey. Some of it we knew we were missing, but not all of it: we didn't even realise the risks we were taking at the time, despite thinking we had the best advice available. As well as all the things we learnt from experience, some of the UK's leading experts on treatment options, clinical matters (NHS and private) and legal issues have given their invaluable advice too.

‘I have seen this whole area shift from such a different position ten or fifteen years ago where it was just so hard for same sex couples to form families and these days the issue is that there is so much choice and so many different ways of doing it that it's flipped from 'how can I possibly do this?' to 'look at all these options and what's the best way of doing it?', so my overall advice to people planning families would be to be really well informed and to think about things really carefully, understand all the options and make a really good informed decision about the best way forward for doing it for you.’ - Natalie Gamble

Leading expert contributors to the Ultimate Guide are:

Natalie Gamble - the UK's leading fertility lawyer

Professor Susan Golombok - Director, Centre for Family Research and Professor of Family Research at the University of Cambridge and author of Modern Families

Nick Pulsford - founding member of Kingston (NHS) Assisted Conception Unit

Sheridan Rivers - Sales Director for Xytex

Dr Marie Wren - Deputy Director of the Lister Fertility Clinic and fertility specialist

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Wishing you the best of luck and future happiness!

Alex, Blooming Parents