So here it is...

.. The Guide to Starting a Family for Female Same Sex Couples is now live!!

It has taken around 6 months to complete this project for Blooming Parents and I really hope it is a help to as many people as possible.

The guide is a result of my partner's and my difficult path to having a baby. We really struggled through the early attempts of our conception journey. Although we didn't realise it at the time many of these struggles centred around not actually knowing what our options were and what we should be thinking about in terms of the bigger, longer term picture. We were paying a private clinic a lot of money and so we didn't question their advice - which is really not the best way of going about it, as we now know!

Anyway - this guide is just the start of Blooming Parents. My vision for Blooming Parents is for it to be a great resource for same sex parents everywhere. I want it to feel fresh, relevant and to be useful to YOU. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site please let me know at