Welcome! Blooming Parents' aim is to provide great information and resources for same sex parents and parents to be.

I created Blooming Parents because, let's face it - we need help, whether it's in terms of starting a family or just being parents.

My partner and I did not have the information we needed during our difficult conception journey, and worse still, we didn't even realise just how much information we were missing as same sex parents-to-be! And now I am an almost-full time Mum and have realised there is still so much more that needs to be done for same sex parents, and in the wider world, to better understand what it means to be a same sex parent.

As well as providing helpful information, the aim is to make Blooming Parents a positive, interesting, fun and inclusive place for all same sex parents.

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Feedback on the website or on a particular aspect of it is welcome - send it to alex@bloomingparents.com

Alex, Blooming Parents


 Alex and Edie

Alex and Edie